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Overhead Phototherapy System

Bililed Mini +

Bililed Mini+

We have developed the smallest LED phototherapy with 4 pcs blue super LED lights. Bililed Mini+ has space saving design with ergonomic mobile stand, enables you to use it in combination with infant incubators, warmers and baby cots in NICU.
01. Effective Treatment
In spite of its miniature design, Bililed Mini+ has an effective treat- ment area to cover whole body of newborn. Complete skin surface illumination is possible even for the active, term newborns. For maximum efficiency, height adjustment tiltable head unit can be used to place the lamp unit at an optimal distance from newborn. Bililed Mini+ ensures more than 40 µW/cm2/nm spectral irradian- ce at 35 cm distance and this intensity level meets the requirements for intensive phototherapy as stated by AAP* guidelines.

*The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that the irradiancefor intensive phototherapy be at least 30 µW/cm2/nm.
02. Smart Software
Novos Engineers developed smart software for Bililed Mini+ to present absolutely simple operation for caregivers. You can adjust the light intensity at 5 different levels according to different patient’s needs at the touch of a button. Light focusing is a significant feature that helps you to place the unit in correct position with best focusing to the body of newborn. Carrier has height adjusment feature and it can be made easily.
03. Cost Efficiency
With its state of art LED technology, Bililed Mini+ ensures less heat generation, low power consumption, high light intensity and long lifetime. Long lifetime LED module means total 50.000 hours of treatment operation lifetime. High intensity shortens the treatment time and hospital stay.
04. Light Weight, Handheld and Portable
Bililed Mini+ meets the clinician’s need in excellence. With its ergonomical design, it can be used over a baby cradle, infant warmer, or directly on an infant incubator. You can easily detach the unit from its mobile stand and place it on top of an incubator without using any tools.

Mobile stand provides the flexibility that you need for narrow spaces.

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