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Infant Transport Incubator

KT 1000

KT 1000

KT 1000 infant transport incubator provides a uniform and stable microclimate for the safe and efficient transport of newborns in hospital settings, as well as in ambulances and airplanes. It has been produced with advanced technology to offer optional and many features together. It helps health personnel by providing reliable treatment where many parameters can be controlled easily and with superior features.
01. Quick Warm Up Time
KT 1000 is distinguished from its peers with its fast heating feature. It takes a fast and effective role in the treatment of newborns by heating it under 30 minutes and maintains the temperature for a long time thanks to its payoneer design.
02. Long Battery Life
The KT 1000 has an extremely effective battery usage time of 4 hours when operated at full performance and 8 hours when operated at average performance. Thus, it provides a comfortable operation to the end user and ensures that the baby receives maximum benefit from the treatment.
03. Fast Charging
The KT 1000 battery needs only 6 hours to fully charge. So it's always ready for use.
04. Optional Vacuum Unit, Transport Trolley and Ambulance Stretcher
Adjustable vacuum unit is optionally available. It can be preferred according to user convenience. KT 1000 infant transport incubator can be buy with transport trolley, ambulance stretcher and ventilator.

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