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About Us

Newborns are not always borned healthy and so lucky. NOVOS Medical Systems is specialized in designing and manufacturing Neonatal Intensive Care Products to treat fragile newborns in a reliable and comfortable way.

While we are designing and improving NOVOS products neccessities of newborns and clinicians are always our priorities. NOVOS designs come out with the mutual work of clinicians and NOVOS engineers which conform with international standarts as well as EU medical directives. With  extensive experience of clinicians and NOVOS engineers the most challanging sides of NOVOS designs are therapy effectiveness and attractive solutions to operational difficulties besides its economy for clinics and hospitals.

Newborn babies treated by NOVOS products in five different continent in the World inspire us for new advanced solutions for neonatal intensive care units.


Our vision is to be an international trademark which is well known with its creative solutions for neonatal intensive care.


Our mission is to contribute to national economy with design and manufacture of excellent neonatal intensive care products, continuous increase of its assets and resources and improvement of  its collaborators and employees.

Our Team

Our biomedical experience, technical competence,  respect to our business and endless thrive  forms our cornerstones of work. We continuously invest on human resources, technological infrastructure and training of our collaborators and partners to ensure manufacturing of excellent products and services. We work in close cooperation with clinicians and draw inspiration from their demands and experiences. Efficiency of our products is reinforced by clinical studies.