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Multidirectional Intensive Phototherapy Device

Bilisphere 360

Bilisphere 360 Led

Bilisphere 360 Led is exactly what you need for the treatment of high bilirubin levels causing severe jaundice for newborns.
01. Less workload for NICU staff
Treatment time of each patient is definitely shorter with Bilisphere 360 Led than any other phototherapy device. Short treatment time means less workload for caregivers per patient. Intensive photot-herapy system Bilisphere 360 Led shortens hospital stay and provides early baby mother contact with early discharges. Sliding out infant bed unit allows caregivers and nursing staff easy access to the infant. Red colored side windows protect other patients andcaregivers from the blue light’s adverse effect.
02. Easy to clean
Caregivers benefits from manual elevation system which elevates upper part just by using up & down arrow buttons for cleaning and disinfection of the device interior. Hammock exchange is an easy process in Bilisphere 360 Led by means of sliding out bed unit. Detachable bed components like side bars, baby cot with drain hole and hammock allow users to do easy cleaning.
Tiny newborns need an ideal environment. Bilisphere 360 makes it possible with smart software System Novosoft™ and Thermoelevation System.

Bilisphere 360 creates a reliable, stable and effective therapy environment for newborns. Patented Novosoft™ System prevents temperature increase inside the couple and creates a temperature regulated, stable environment. So it prevents hyperthermia, hypothermia, dehydration, cell and tissue damage.

NOVOSOFT™ Controls silent fan groups for a temperature regulated stable environment and activates the Thermoelevation System which elevates the upper couple and disperse the inside heat so guarantees acceptable temperature levels for newborn.

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