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Infant Radiant Warmer

KR 1000

KR 1000

Infant warmer with its user friendly and modular desing and homogenious heating zone has been designed to meet different needs of neonates and clinicans.
Infant safety and comfort and user requirements have been the priorities for KR 1000 design. It provides neonates dependable thermal support free from cold and heat stress. So, KR 1000 is the perfect choice for an uninterrupted development of neonates and for any clinical interventions in surgery, delivery room, intensive care unit and emergency room.
01. Ceramic Resistance
Ceramic resistance is used in the KR 1000, which has a very long durability thanks to its high heat permeability. Thus, it provides an effective treatment by realizing equal and rapid heat distribution.
02. SmartSilence and Intelligent Alarm System
Smart silence feature provides caregiver handfree silencing of the alarm thuskeeping clinician’s hands hygienic during operation. Intelligent alarm system warns caregiver if an unexpectedly long operation time is passed without reaching target skin temperature in baby mode. Also in manual mode a similar intelligent alarm is triggered if the device is operated over safety limits.
03. SmartTilt and SmartMemory Systems
Thanks to the SmartTilt feature, trendelenburg and reverse trendelenburg positioning of KR 1000 bed is handled by an electronical control system with a simple push of a button located on the front side of the bed unit. SmartMemory System offers two memory slots available for positioning the bed in two different angles with one touch easily. Thanks to its zero positioning feature, the bed reaches a level with one button and provides operational convenience.
04. SmartWeigh System
SmartWeigh system guarantees precise weight measurement of the newborn at any point of infant bed. No more need for an external scale.

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